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Business Development Consulting


For over twenty years I have made it a mission to improve every business I work with. From business services to retail commerce, I work with start-ups and international iconic companies to bring innovation and achieve top performance. By listening to my clients and their customers, I create and implement solutions that increase revenue, improve company culture, and ensure overall corporate sustainability. I look forward to meeting with you and your company next.


Fresh Perspective


"The Alpha Marketer."

— Director of Operations


"Proactive, energetic, positively infectious, strong understanding of what a successful business looks like and what the key components are (e.g. key account satisfaction and growth.)" - CEO

"Clear focus on profit orientation and ability to prioritize activities based on making money for the company." - CEO

The Next Level



Experience + IDEAS

Entrepreneur magazine reports the top reasons consultants are hired for: their expertise, to identify problems, supplement staff, be a catalyst, provide objectivity, teach, bring new life to an organization, create a new product, brand or entire business, and finally, to influence other people.

I do all of this. And I love it.

Ideas can come from anywhere. I stay informed of the trends and direction of your industry, while listening to your staff and customers to bring sustainable growth. Utilizing my innate entrepreneurial energy I give my clients the best new ideas plus the wisdom of experience. My goal is to prove that every company can become more that it's founders dreamed possible.

Areas of Expertise

Some areas I have worked in...

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Food Product Development

Specialty product development including R & D, design, formula consulting, branding, marketing.


Apparel & Textile Development

Custom sourcing and design support for apparel, focusing on sustainable & organic fibers. 


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Business Process Improvement

Creating educational technical guidance documents for the non-gmo industry at FoodChain ID

Who am I?

I am Lonica. I am a passionate, experienced entrepreneur (a client nicknamed me "The Alpha Marketer") who embraces change and challenges. Inspired from a young age to be in business, I loved to read Fast Company and Entrepreneur magazine instead of watching TV.  I managed my family's jewelry store and manufacturing business at age 19.  Then at age 21, I started my first business, an eco-retail store, and made it an early goal to bring new organic textile and bodycare products to the retail marketplace, even if I had to create the products myself. I went on to found several retail stores and e-commerce websites. I created several lines of products for my own company, and designed and branded for other large companies.

I am continually excited about bringing healthy, ground-breaking products and services to consumers in an innovative way. I regularly consult with start-ups in the textile, food, and tech industries to guide the first steps of the new company towards success.  My knowledge and passion for organic and natural products led me to move into the food industry. The last few years I have spent working primarily with FoodChain ID as Key Account Manager and becoming an technical expert in Non-GMO Project verification.

I help established international businesses realize increased revenue in existing and new areas. My passion for business development is undeniable and I want to work with you and your company next!

I invite you to tell me YOUR story...